Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm a fool (for rhubarb and mango)

I'm aware that there's been more than a bit of sewing posts going on round here lately, and that I might have to admit that perhaps this blog has moved on from being entirely food-based. I like to think of this as a good thing - it certainly is for my waistline, I can tell you! - I like to think of it as me extending my skills (albeit rather slowly since I can't keep my head in a project for long).

However, the food ain't going away, and I'm still toiling away in the kitchen (okay, I never "toil" but you get the idea), because lets face it, sewing is hard work (?!) and the only way it's going to get easier is if there's a big ole chocolatey, desserty, baked piece of goodness to go with it.

With that in mind I think it's about time I shared another recipe from the tonne that I've been making (and tasting) recently. Tonight I was in a mad dash to use up a whole bunch of stuff that was in fear of festering in the fridge during our busy weekend.

I had some cream leftover from another project - more about that another time - and a mango that was positively oozing with ripeness. As I was standing with the fridge door open, totally unecologically pondering what to do with mango and cream, the rhubarb caught my eye. Now I had three things to work with.

Do rhubarb and mango go together?
I figured they must and set to work.
Slice, chop and puree mango. Whip cream loosely, add mango to cream. Voila! Mango fool. Slice rhubarb and lay in pyrex dish, squeeze over the juice of an orange and drizzle with a tablespoon of honey. Roast in a preheated 200C oven, for 25mins, or until tender, sloshing juice over every so often. Cool. Bung scoops of fool into wine glasses and top with cooled rhubarb and a bit of the cooking juices.

The result: Mango fool topped with honey and orange roasted rhubard. Sounds impressive, took about five mintes (minus the cooking time of course!). We haven't scoffed it yet as N is still on his way home from the pub. But we will, soon (I can't wait much longer!), and based on sneaky licks of the bowl and spoon, it's going to be very nice indeed.

Go forth and fool!

p.s. I realised that I didn't give you any measurements, mostly because I didn't take any. I reckoned it was about 200ml of double cream, one medium mango, about 350g rhubarb (once chopped). It would easily serve four if you used smaller glasses, but I was generous and made three servings.


Cucinista said...

Just found your blog from Class & Coffee. I'm loving your recipes and can't wait to try your rhubarb and mango. I picked up some rhubarb at Borough last weekend and made some bread pudding (will post soon) and it made me sad how short rhubarb season is! Please open your bookstore/coffee shop because it sounds like a place I'd like to visit.

Rebecca said...

Hi, thanks for stopping in! Rhubarb bread pudding sounds great, I'll have to check that out. I too mourn the all too short season for this pink-stemmed beauty.

Glad you like the sound of the cafe. One day...

Anonymous said...

Rhubarb bread pudding, how delicious - I'd never have thought of that. I tried your mango fool, but it was too creamy for me (mind you, I did dish out a rather large portion!) I used up the rest of the mangoes with yogurt and thought that worked much better. But thank you for the inspiration!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, it's definitely a very rich dish, and I had to make very small portions. I love the idea of doing it with yoghurt instead, I'll definitely head down that route next time.