Friday, 20 February 2009


This afternoon, London (well, my bit at least) was treated to a little taster of what spring was like. Proper sunshine, not weak winter sun, streamed into the garden and for the first time in ages I was able to open the doors and windows for the pleasure of soft breezes rather than just an obligatory airing with freezing gales.
Sniff not only tentatively venture outside today (after days guarding the sofa and the cricket), but even managed to catch some rays.I like winter, it's comforting stodgy meals, cuddling up on the sofa under blankets and enjoying hot chocolate (especially vegan hot chocolate from Alaska!), but I'm definitely ready for Spring to begin being sprung.


Lynne said...

That is a really super picture of Sniff.

Sarah, The New Girl said...

Is that a photo of your cat or a postcard :) Cute! I want it to be spring so that I'm forced to stop knitting scarves and to move on with more difficult projects!