Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Now I get it; or, when life gives you a lemon...

I get the hype, because I got one of these:
That, ladies and gentlemen, is my very own Meyer lemon! Oh yes! Shipped to me from Alaska, although originally from here.
My baking career and foodie experience will be forever indebted to Nicole for this, the amazing sending of lemony goodness. I think we might be blogging dopplegangers (dopplebloggers? Bloggergangers?), what with all the lemon appreciation and banana troubles and such like. I was lucky enough to draw Nicole in the Jammin' Jelly Exchange last year, and then by a stroke of blog-fate she got me in the Christmas Cookie Exchange. It was like our friendship was meant to be. Having sampled the delicious Meyer lemon butter cookies in her christmas package I was delighted that she suggested a sneaky swap: some of her Meyer lemon jelly for my Seville marmalade.

So last week (or maybe the week before, I forget) I wrapped up a bunch of little treats to post off to the other side of the world, and waited eagerly for a package to arrive here. I was extremely intriguied when Nicole emailed to say she'd sent it quickly because she was concerned about the time limit of some of the contents. I was secretly hoping a few cookies might have snuck in the box. I'd never have guessed that there, nestled perfectly in yellow tissue, wrapped in ribbon and encased in bubble wrap would be a Meyer lemon for my very own.

You have to understand that this is not only a special thing for me to receive, but a very special thing to send, as I know that Nicole orders hers all the way from California, and so for her to part with one to send to me is so lovely.

It's sitting proudly on the table and every time I walk I pick it up and smell it. It has the most wonderful aroma, lemony, but not quite, a little sweet and almost flowery. So now I have a problem. It's such a beautiful thing that I daren't make something with it, because it will feel like such a shame to zest or cut it. But I know I must. I have been searching on Nicole's blog for the perfect things to make and think I've come up with some ideas from the myriad she's tried.

Tomorrow, when I have lots of time I shall spend the day using and appreciating my wonderful gift. N is also working from home, so I will be able to share the whole experience with him. Look out North London Meyer lemony goodness is coming your way.I know this post has really been all about the lemon, but that should in no way detract from the other fabulous things Nicole posted. As promised there is a jar of her Meyer Lemon jelly, which I am going to save for a special occasion (like when my Mum, the origin of the lemon love, comes to visit - yes Mum, you'll get to try some!). There were also two sweet little pots of Meyer lemon marmalade from her Lemon Ladies (I couldn't resist and cracked one open straigh away so I could try the Meyer lemon flavour again. Delicious). On top of all of this there was a huge tub of non-dairy organic hot cocoa (oh yeah! perfect as I still have six homemade marshmallows left and it will help our cutting down of dairy), two little chocolates to go with it (I'm hoping we'll get to share those tonight) and some more of the North Pole coffee that I so liked from her last time. All of this was packaged so beautifully and the coffee and chocolates were tucked in such a cute little drawstring bag which I am going to use to hold some of my knitting bits.Am I a lucky girl or what? Nicole I cannot thank you enough.

p.s. I noticed that two days ago marked a whole year of this blog! I think Nicole's parcel was the perfect present. It's allowed an expansion of my baking as well as signalled how welcoming the food blogging community has been. Long may it last.

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Nicole said...

I can never get over seeing items I sent out only a week ago arrive half way around the world, in this case nearly all the way and show up on the internet in someone elses kitchen. Rebecca, I would have sent you more lemons, but I had no idea how they would take the journey. That has to be one of the most traveled lemons the world has ever seen!