Monday, 10 November 2008


Today's heading is two-fold. It's been pouring with rain since last night. Earlier it was so heavy I could barely hear myself think for the thundering of water on our glass roof. It seems the dreary bit of autumn has arrived to see the season into winter.

Sniff is not happy at all. He just can't believe why we could punish him by making the weather so horrid. I think the combination of the rain and having been shut in over the weekend because of the fireworks means it's going to take more than the usual bribes to get some appreciation from him in the next few days. Fortunately there will be some baking tomorrow, so I doubt it'll take that long to bring him round. (I know the above is a blurry photo, but I think it truly captures the extent of Sniff's frown!)

The other sort of soaking is this:

beans! I've decided to branch out into the dried beans world. I have always used tins before, for convenience sake. But since I am almost always home, and am often planning meals in advance I thought I would try and make the switch. Plus Nigel Slater says you can soak them, rinse them, and then freeze them so they're ready
to bung in a recipe any time. Sconto! They are supposed to taste loads better like this, and also it's loads more economical. Fortunately a tin of bins is unlikely to break the bank for us, but every little helps, and since the weather suggests there might be more than a few rainy days on the way, now is the time to start saving!

I'm not sure what I'll be up to with the beans. I think a stew, homemade baked beans again, and perhaps a cassoulet. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll make it's way up here when I get stuck for NaBloPoMo ideas!

Until then, I shall have to leave you with a non-food picture of the rain in North London. There's washing up to be done, and somewhat aptly a chapter on "liquidity" that is waiting to be finished...

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