Sunday, 9 November 2008

The pride of North London

These are my victory chips! We very rarely eat junk food, but after a tense football match, which took place over lunch, meaning we only had coffee and a pastry to keep us going, the smell of chips - it's the vinegar more than the chips - just cannot be ignored! In a jubilant mood after our fantastic win yesterday (I might have already mentioned it once, but I don't mind saying it again) we decided to treat ourselves. Proper chip shop chips, wrapped in paper and with a wooden fork. Delicious.

Almost as delicious as these:

Our very own homegrown tomatoes! Okay, so out of all those plants we only got two fruits, and they took almost two weeks to ripen, but they were fantastic. They tasted "amazingly tomatoey" as N put it!

Mmmm.....tomatoes. Let's just hope that next year the weather is better and we can get a higher yield.

Now, back to Match of the Day to watch our goals again....did I mention we beat Man Utd yesterday?!

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