Friday, 26 September 2008

It's almost time...

...for the Jammin' Jelly Exchange!

Why have I been absent since I got back from Italy? Why have I not been tempting you and making you insanely
jealous with pictures of all the amazingly tasty things we sampled? Because I have been preparing myself for Monday when I shall finally make it to the post office with my little package of jam to be sent across the world. It's all very exciting, but also very daunting indeed. I am somewhat of a novice in this trade and having seen some of the recent preserves on show I am more than a little worried that my contribution will be less than adequate. However, I am soldiering on, albeit loudly and rantily as my Mum will attest!

Once it's all ready and packaged I shall finally post some pictures of the process, it's been an interesting and innovative one I can tell you!

Until then another taster of the delights of Italy:

Florence: torta limone, and tiramisu, accompanied by a glass of white wine and beer. Delicious.

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