Thursday, 25 September 2008

Buona sera!

We're back. It was the most wonderful holiday, but we've become rather soppy and there was a certain degree of impatience and hysteria to get back to see Sniff last night. A delayed flight and the slow train back to didn't help either. But we arrived home to a cat that was very pleased to see us, or was he pleased to see the kilogram of Pecorino stashed in my suitcase?! Hmm.

There is so much to tell and show, and right now I have no idea where to start. We ate amazing food, saw stunning scenery (and some impressive rain and fog too!) and generally had a brilliant trip. We managed to cram in so much, and still it felt like a relaxing break. We started in Turin, then spent almost a week in the lakes, then sped down the autostrade to Tuscany before ending in Bologna - apporopriately nick-named "the fat one" because it's the food capital of the country apparently.

So yes, there are many many tales to tell and pictures to share. However, before I do there are other matters at hand. I am in the middle of making my first batch of jelly! No, not the wiggly gelatin-based dessert, but the (hopefully) clear version of jam. It smells amazing, but it's taking forever to strain through the muslin and I am an impatient jelly maker. I have been very good though, I have resisted the urge to squeeze the bag, and besides some pacing and willing I have left well alone and shall do overnight in the hope that tomorrow will yield beautiful jars of clear but tasty jelly that will be whisked across the world as part of the second Jammin' jelly exchange as organised by Molly of Blatter-Splattered.

Until I have photos from that, and have organised my mind post-Italy I shall bid you ciao with this photo from our last night in Bologna, and incidentally the night I had the best pasta in the world: tortelloni stuffed with pumpkin. It was out of this world.

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