Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Blueberry bliss

Last week N and I made a list of all the sweet things I'd baked or cooked and blogged and tried to decide which of them were so good we'd choose to have them again. The results were rather shocking, with only about four or five things making the grade out of over fifty!
This was not because the other things were bad, but because they were "alright" rather than really tasty. I did however find it slightly depressing because although my baking adventures are just that, adventures, rather than just making the things I know to be great and work, I was rather hoping that more of my results would have turned out to be so impressive that we'd be spoilt for choice when making things again. Then again N did point out that I am my own worst critic and loads more things on the list probably would have made the grade for other people.

The good thing about the list though was that it upped the stakes! Now I'd really have to find things to make that were new, different and so fantastic that we'd want them all the time. It seemed like an impossible task based on the previous results. How little I knew of what was to come!

In order to use up a couple of punnets of blueberries in the fridge I decided to make the blueberry crumb bars I'd seen on Smitten Kitchen a while ago. I had never intended for it to take me this long to get around to making them, but work and lack of berries got in my way.

Oh why did I let them? These bars are amazing. I'd make them again in a shot. Not too sweet, packed with fruit with the most deliciously tempting crumble on top. Perfect for a dessert with whipped cream, or breakfast with a coffee, or as an afternoon snack, or anytime really!

I will be making these again, and again, and again! Oh yes. It makes me so pleased that I froze all those boxes of blueberries ready for when they wouldn't be in season. I know now exactly what they'll be used for this winter.

If you have blueberries, or can get some of them before the season finally disappears make these, you won't regret it. I also think you'd be able to do it with raspberries or blackberries, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.
I'm afraid that once again I won't be posting the recipe because I used the same one as on Smitten Kitchen, and it's my favourite food blog and I think you should go there and look at the recipe and her gorgeous pictures. This is the second one of her recipes I have tried and it's the second one of her recipes which without a doubt makes the uber list of "make it again" recipes. I think that says it all.

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