Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Whilst on our "Rock 'n' Roll road trip" across the desert we discovered this;

It's a mango margarita, or as we have christened it (after a few of them had hit the spot), a "mangarita." It was wonderful. We were pointed in it's direction by the manager of the motel we were staying. We'd just turned up hoping he had rooms, and he did. He then asked us if we like Mexican food and pointed us to his favourite place, adding that "they have the best mango margarita there, and it's staggering distance so you won't have to worry about how many you have." That sounded like a dangerous challenge to us. So off we went, across the street to the back of the darkened mall, and there indeed was a very nice looking local Mexican place. We put together a selection of their veggie stuff (mostly starters, hence our combination in an attempt to make sure we had enough food - we should have learnt about American portions, there was definitely enough!) and ordered our "mangaritas." We're not usually the types who order cocktails, pre- post- or during a meal. We're more a bottle of wine of beer folks. But
mango is probably N's favourite fruit, and to add alcohol to it just seemed too much like a good idea to pass up. Oh they were so good. They were not too thick, but not too thin, a good proper alcoholic kick, but without loosing the mango taste. We ordered more, staggered back to the motel room very smug and full and spent the rest of the holiday (especially the three nights in Mexico) frantically looking for more mangaritas on menus.

Alas it wasn't to be. So as soon as we got home we started looking around for recipes, we picked on and I put it in my scrapbook and there it has been lying, dormant, waiting for us to try it. How it's taken us this long I don't know, we've been back well over a month and have certainly had some hot days that would easily help justify a cocktail. Finally this week I hunted out three overripe mangoes and sent N out for tequilla. This was the result:

Our very own mangaritas! They were probably slightly too watery, as the recipe said to blend the mango with some water which upon reflection - and tasting - was definitely not needed. They weren't quite as good as those from the desert, but with a little honing and plenty more trying I think we'll get it right!

How did we serve them? With a slice of lime and a game of chocolate scrabble! A perfect end to a Sunday evening.

Mangaritas (makes enough for about 4-6 drinks depending on the size)

3-4 ripe mangoes
sugar to taste
4 ounces of tequilla
2 ounces triple sec (we used this, but decided it probably isn't necessary so will probably leave it out next time)
1 1/2 cups ice
lime to garnish

prepare the flesh of the mangos, place in a blender and whizz until smooth, adding sugar to taste (baring in mind the tequilla will make the drink slightly bitter, so despite the sweetness of mangoes a little sugar will probably be needed). This will form the base of the cocktail.

mix three cups of the above mango mix in a blender with the ice, tequilla and triple sec, blend until smooth. Divide between four cocktail glasses and add a slice of lime.

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