Saturday, 14 June 2008

"It's a damn fine exponant of the genre"

On Wednesday evening that I discovered N's favourite biscuits are milk chocolate hobnobs. It was a toss up between these and jaffa cakes, but N wasn't sure how far the "biscuit" definition could be stretched. Milk chocolate covered hobnobs won out. I was more than a little concerned that it's taken me this long to discover this vital piece of information. How can I fully satisfy his gastronomic needs without this crucial knowledge. It was so shocking because in the whole time I've known N I don't think I've ever seen a milk chocolate covered hobnob pass his lips! This conversation itself was triggered by the fact that earlier in the week N admitted that Cadbury's flake was probably his second favourite type of chocolate. Honestly how do men - or rather, how does my man - not think to impart these details as soon as possible!

So being a dutiful girlfriend, whilst out shopping for cherry tomatoes and strawberries, I also picked up a small packed of aforementioned biscuits.

My doing this however was not simply for N, but also to broaden the biscuit horizons of Sniff. Absurd, I know, but Sniff has become rather taken with digestives, and will happily accept any donations while you're attempting to dunk one in your tea, and by "happily accept" I mean demand loudly. As it happens, he's predictably fond of milk chocolate hobnobs too.

He's not the only one who's biscuit horizons have been broadened. I too am now on the biscuit-bandwagon. I had been rather shocked when N expressed a preference for the milk, rather than dark, chocolate covering. Surely dark chocolate is always superior, the dark chocolate covered digestive being a case in point. Milk chocolate covered is so, so wrong and thoroughly ruins a decent digestive, dark chocolate on the other hand is a different matter, and serves to raise the digestive to another level. So I was sceptical about this milk chocolate covered malarkey. But he was right, so right. I really should learn to trust him such things, as he does have impeccable taste. There is something about the combination of the oaty biscuit and the milk chocolate covering that works so so well, helped by the fact that they get the thickness of the coating just right: not too thick to detract from the biscuit, not too thin as to be stingy.

As N so rightly pointed out only a few minutes ago the milk chocolate covered hobnob is "a damn fine exponant of the genre."

I heartily agree.

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Lynne said...

Your grandmother, when first married, used to make digestives for your grandad....a taste that he obviously passed on.I'm sure I have a recipe somewhere, if you want me to look ?
Nathan is, of course, absolutely right. The two remaining chocolate hob nobs in the packet by my laptop at work may be the only things that get me there tomorrow!