Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I thought it was about time for a totally out of character, non-food, non-cat related post! Shocking eh? (okay, I will throw some food and cat mentions in for good measure, as nothing on this blog could ever be completely food or cat free).

Basically I wanted to explain the little additions to the blog layout, the "currently scoffing" and "currently reading" lists. I've been reading a whole bunch of blogs recently, and really like the way some of the include things like what they are reading, what they are listening to etc. Since, aside from N and Sniff, reading and food are two of the great loves in my life I thought it would be nice to give you a little bit of insight into the books and foods I am currently reading and enjoying. The "currently scoffing" should not be taken too literally. I will not be literally stuffing my face with these things whilst writing! Rather they are the foodstuffs and drinkstuffs that I am currently really into. As for the reading, it will no doubt always be a mix of work, pleasure and food porn!

I have also included a little list of things Sniff is currently enjoying as he was feeling rather left out. His list may include activities as well as edibles, often with them being one and the same.

Crazy cat lady? Me? Whatever makes you think that!

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