Saturday, 16 February 2008

Ooh, er, hello!

So yeah, jam.

Here goes my first attempt at foodie blogging. This is basically going to be rambling descriptions of the ongoing culinary experiments that are taking over our kitchen.

We made a three-fold new year's resolution which is what is behind this craziness. Firstly to try and cook something totally new to us once a week, either a new recipe, or just a new vegetable (thanks to the ongoing surprises of the Abel and Cole weekly box), secondly to give up store bought bread and make our own (as much as possible at least). Finally is the instigation of "Baking Day." The first Saturday of every month we get to bake a treat (or two, or three..) for enjoyment over the weekend; cakes, muffins, cookies, generally anything indulgent and lovely.

This blog will follow the progress, with disasters and delights all represented (probably in equal measure) and the pictures and recipes to go with. I can't promise it'll be pretty, or witty, but hopefully it'll keep me busy and you amused.

Now, the Arsenal are about to kick-off in the FA cup, so you'll have to wait for the first flurry of posting which will deal with the back-log of things that have already occurred in the first two months of experimenting 2008.


David said...

Baking day sounds pretty good, but as a bread fanatic, I'd hope it would also include some bread experimentation !

Lynne said...

I can't wait for the pictures! I love the header........just enough messy 'stuff' to counteract the pretty machines !!