Monday, 18 February 2008

Donuts at midnight!

I love our life. I am not one for gushing and gloating usually, but I just can't help saying how wonderful things are, because they really are.

I think the donuts at midnight incident was definitely an indication of how much fun we have in Our Lovely Flat (tm). I was reading A.M.Holmes "This book will save your life" one night in bed. The picture on the front cover is of donuts, those typical American round glazed and iced ones. I joked with N that I really fancied one and that the book was making me peckish. He laughed at first and after a few moments commented that he too now fancied a donut. Whilst pondering this it occurred to me that one of the many things I brought back from The North on our mammoth pre-Christmas trip was a baked donut pan that came with a recipe. I giggled and said to N "do you really want donuts? Give me twenty minutes and I could make you some!" He laughed, the
n a moment later went "really? you could make donuts? you would make donuts? Because I'm not really that sleepy."

Ah, give a wannabe domestic goddess a challenge and of course she won't back down!

So, twenty minutes later, N was safely ensconced in ProEvo on the Xbox, continuing his teams winning streak to take the league and cup titles, and I was donning an apron and producing batches of lovely warm baked donuts dipped in cinnamon and sugar, or glazed in lemon icing.

It was the most wonderful evening, and a perfect example of one of the many many reasons why life in Our Lovely Flat (tm) with N is just so incredible. *gush, gush gush*. Hehe.

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