Monday, 18 February 2008

Cupcake prettiness

We had a flurry of activity in January and as a result there was an inevitable flurry in the kitchen. Towards the end of the month N's parents came to visit, and although I never need an excuse to make cakes the occasion did seem to provide the perfect reason. The only problem was that his parents now live in France, home of the p√Ętisserie, of not only delicious cakes and pastries, but also ones that are divinely presented. So the pressure was on.

This was the result:

A set of cute lemon cupcakes iced with gloriously coloured butter icing and topped with sugar flowers. Although the cupcake mix itself wasn't very good (too buttery I think: half of those I made fell apart and so my yield in the end was only six - better for the waistline, not great for domestic goddess esteem) I thought that the results with the icing were so pretty (the picture really doesn't do them justice) and I just can't wait to have an excuse to make them again.

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