Thursday, 22 July 2010


84 apricots, don't make as much jam as you'd expect for that much de-stoning.

But it's worth every one. The height of the jamming season has begun, and I'm doing the best I can to put as much gorgeous summer fruit into jars as possible.

Are you preserving the summer too? If so, please share how. This marmalady can't get enough of whacking things in jars!


Kavey said...

Having made SO much jam last year, I'm trying not to make too much until we finish some of what is in the larder.

Made a very traditional apricot jam last year which was lovely... I have it french bread with salty butter!

On same day, made an unusual lychee and rose one too!

Bee said...

I'm at the opposite end of the planet. So I'm in winter preserving mode at the moment. Tomorrow is pear and apple jam (I'm planning to do a blogpost on it) and then sometime this week I want to make orange marmalade.

Monica said...

Inspired by your apricot and vanilla jam I have had a couple of goes at making my own. So successful that I have eaten all 5 jars almost single-handedly since apricots were £1/1lb around here. Also made cherry jam. I really want to make fig jam, but fresh figs are still too expensive.

meghanaf said...

I love it. "Jamming season." Sounds like fun ;)