Sunday, 12 April 2009

Four day weekends rock my world.

Happy Easter weekend to you all. I hope full advantage is being taken of the fact that we've got four whole days to do whatever we like. I also hope that whatever you're doing it involves either a big ole hunk o' chocolate, or a toasted hot cross bun with lashings of salted butter. If not, you can share ours...Whilst planning a get together with friends this week I suggested I make some Easter goodies. One of them laughed and said "it's any excuse for you isn't it. I bet you've made your own hot cross buns too" to which I bashfully held up a bag of them waiting on the side for toasting. Busted!

It's been rather busy here, and I realise that I've neglected the blog this last week. A variety of things have been the cause, not least the fact that I have my draft back and so am manically back at work again. New deadlines have been made, new word targets set and once again the study has been reclaimed and the books and notes piling up.

I have however taken full advantage of the weekend to pack in some craft projects, and yes some baking. So, I hope to be back tomorrow with a recipe. In the meantime I give you my first ever quilt! Sniff would like to point out that he was instrumental in the arrangement of the panels, and the additional embellishment of muddy paw prints.
I hope you're all being smug at the impending Monday off work. I shall be mostly writing letters. Why? I shall reveal all tomorrow when my involvement in an exciting new thing can take centre stage. Oh, how I tease. Hehe!


Sarah, The New Girl said...

you quilt, too?! you are amazing.

Those cinnamon buns look SSOOO good...

glad you enjoyed your break!!!

Jennifer said...

I love seeing your cat "help". :)