Tuesday, 2 December 2008

In praise of libraries

I love libraries. Okay, I might be a bit biased having grown up in a house full of books and a librarian for a mother, but even if I hadn't I think I would feel like I do. Where else can you go when you have run out of things to read and pick a huge selection to take away, for free? That's just such a brilliant idea. And it's not only books, but CDs, DVDs, and of course, information.

Today I went in and got a stack of fiction to read and a new cookery book to browse, and I noticed that they had a really obscure cult book in their stock. I've already read it, but I was surprised to see it on their shelf, and very pleased indeed to know that they have such a diverse selection.

Seriously, libraries rock my world!

In other news, I have been a bit more productive today and made some gift tags. I am doing lots of homemade things for Christmas, and wanted to give the tags a try too. I am having a red and white theme this year (well, like most years in fact), and picked up some really cute moose table confetti made of felt. I've been using them on all sorts of things, and I thought they looked rather smart on the plain background.

Oh dear, the festive countdown has well and truly begun in this house. N has just been gleefully pottering around the flat saying how much he can't wait. I'm sure we never used to be like this!

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