Monday, 22 December 2008

Bon Fete!

Bonjour, et bon fete!

I know, I know, I've been terribly slack the last two weeks. I had big plans for writing in December, a multitude of posts containing all things festive. Alas, it's all gotten away from me a bit. I have a stack of photos sitting to be riffled through, and recipes to post, but somehow all I want to be doing is pottering about grinning at the fairy lights.

I have other excuses too. We've just returned from a quick trip to France where we drank lots of wine, played on the Wii (loads more fun than I had anticipated, seriously get the skiing, it's HILARIOUS!) and swapping presents with N's family. Although the trip ended in the seemingly typical festive fog (last time we were there at this time of year the fog was so thick we were worried out flights would be cancelled), we did have one day of glorious winter sunshine, so bright and warming that we managed to sit outside in a cafe whilst gazing at the marche - then again, it might have been the Christmas spirit and cognac that was warming, but who's arguing?!

I will try and post about some of the numerous Christmassy things I've been up to in the kitchen, but until then I shall leave you with a selection of teasing photographs from en France.

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