Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sniff's adventures in the rain, or; he's got me totally sussed.

This is what our very cute, and very vocal cat currently looks like. He has spent the last three days whining, whinging and generally meowing up a storm. This morning it finally got the best of me and I decided to let him out, in the rain, against my better judgement I thought.

So out he went, and immediately under the decking. I gave it half an hour and tried to call him. Nothing. I gave it another ten minutes and tried again. Nothing. Finally I gave in, shut the door and got on with the washing up, all tearful at the idea that my frustration with him had forced him out and would mean he never comes back and doesn't love us anymore.

Ten minutes later a very soggy looking cat arrives at the back door. He didn't come in straight away, but a dentibit helped persuade him. I was so relieved. I gave him lots of love and attention, helped dry him off and finally relaxed.

He gave it five more minutes and started up with the whinging again. Honestly, the little blighter. Ah, how I can't wait until we have the tags for his cat flap. He's got a very definite frowning expression too, which is what he is giving me now that I won't let him out again.

I refuse to spend the whole day getting up and down opening the door for him, so he's just going to have to put up and shut up. If he doesn't I guess I'll have to hope my nerves hold and put him back out again for a long while.

I'm secretly hoping all the whinging and adventuring will exhaust him and he'll curl up and go to sleep like he usually does.

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