Monday, 26 April 2010

Eight days a week....

"ain't got nothing but love babe, eight days a week..." 

This tune has been running round and round my head for about a fortnight now. I don't think I heard it anywhere. I think it just appeared around the point at which I made a potentially controversial, and quite possibly completely mad decision. 

I've given up my lovely relaxing four day week. Yes, I've relinquished my Friday of Freedom in favour of returning not to five days, but six. Yes, I know it sounds like insanity. That's probably because it is. But an opportunity arose which was too good to pass up, and so I've taken a second job. It's different, and fun, and somehow I've still managed to keep lazy mornings. But gosh it's tiring!

I have no idea how long these six day weeks will last, as the situation in one job is rather precarious, and the second did in fact start as potential contingency for the first. But for now my weekends are down to one very very precious day. 

I'm really hoping it won't mean things slow down here (well, more than they already have), but please be patient if the updates aren't quite as thick and fast as in the old four day week times! 

I have been baking during my few spare hours. Lots. I made bread, and cookies and roasted rhubarb. I've potted up plants and planted more, and gave some serious quality time to Sniff. None of which got photographed. Instead I have littered todays post with pictures taken while we were away during Easter. Yes, we kept that quiet didn't we! A very lovely jaunt into the country, with lots of peace, lots of quiet, and more than a bit of walking through beautiful surroundings in search of pubs. It was a fabulous break, and feels even more deserved now than it did then. 

It also showed where my head truly is most of the time. We packed four bags of food, including pre-measured ingredients for baking, and when we got there I discovered I hadn't packed the toothpaste! Such is the life of a food blogger...


siri said...

Roasted rhubarb! Sounds so good. Love the photos- are you using an i-phone to take them, by chance?

Rebecca said...

Siri - You'll love the rhubarb, it's the Orangette recipe with vanilla and white wine. Gorgeous. As for the pictures, they are taken on my DSLR, but processed on Poladriod. I'm so hooked on it!