Sunday, 10 January 2010

O Hai-cookie!

Today, my cookies exploded. Or rather, they decided to spread across the baking sheet as if making a bid for freedom. While this was going I also got distracted by searching for some tracing paper, that I know I have put somewhere safe. So safe it eludes me. As a result we have some rather sad looking dark brown flat cookies cooling on the side. They overspread and in my revenge I over cooked them.

To top it all off I have also managed to break yet another mixing bowl today. The last one was lost whilst cleaning the windows (don't ask...) this one did at least have a baking-related death, albeit involving pitching itself off a radiator whilst the mixture inside it was proving. Suicidal crumpet mix anyone? It's at times like these that I am very pleased that Molly came into my life. I think either I need to move to Alaska or Molly needs to get her butt to London because I know we'd have the best time together drinking beers, browsing cook books, cooing over notepaper and stamps and generally gadding about town. She makes me laugh from all the way across the world. And she is also the creator of the Hai-cookie exchange.

It is through this that I exchanged cookies and haiku with
Helen. The deal? Send a dozen cookies and a haiku to whoever you got paired with. I totally lucked out. Not only did Helen's seriously good cookies arrive on my birthday (bonus present!) they also hit the spot exactly with two of my favourite flavours, cranberry and white chocolate and oat and raisin. Mmmm....I can tell you that I waited all of two seconds before devouring them. Delicious. I also got a great baking themed card, and the following haiku:

It's nearly New Year
Time to make resolutions
For the year ahead
Helen in return also got white chocolate and cranberry cookies (mine having macadamia nuts in them too as I can't resist them) and some of my festive stars. I also put in a small bag of homemade marshmallows and some peppermint bark as an extra treat just in case Helen didn't like the cookies. My haiku was:

Festive Happiness
Mulled wine with a dash of spice
Knitting and my cat

Thank you Molly, for being coerced into holding yet another exchange!

I shall post another time with a recipe as I don't think I'll be sharing the one for the cookies I made today, I'm sure none of you need rebel cookies. That is unless they taste amazing, in which case I shall forgive them and show them off another time. Hopefully the crumpet batter has survived despite the cracked bowl and radiator tumble, I'm off to test them now. Updates to follow!


Nicole said...

Mmmmm...makes me wish I had done the exchange!! I probably could have with all the time I had off near Christmas.
Sorry about your bowls. I too just busted my favorite batter bowl last night. Too many dishes in the sink and they all ganged up on the batter bowl. Those are the dangers of having too much pottery...
Hope you are having a great New Year.

Sarah, The New Girl said...

HI! Haven't talked to you in forever :) Hope you're having a Happy New Year, despite exploding baking items and breaking mixing bowls. I broke so many of Matt's wine glasses this year (...3) that I had to buy him a new set for Christmas haha. I have a theory that the best cooks might also be the clumsiest!

love those cupcakes said...

I bet the exploding cookies still tasted good. I've never made crumpets so hope to hear more about your recipe.