Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ups and downs

Well, it's been quite the time of it here. Bit of a baptism by fire in the new job, lots of hours, lots of things to take in and get to grips with, and lots of things doing battle in my head.

Oddly, I think the biggest thing I've struggled with this week was the fact that I miss being home so much it hurts, and yet I love my job. It's such a strange feeling. If I hated my job I could almost co
pe with the pining for domestic life, but in fact I don't want to give up my job, because it's great. Weird.
So this weekend I went a little bit mad! I'm just so desperate not to lose the hobbies and interests in the new mess of working life, so I crammed my weekend with all sorts of manic activities. I might have over-compensated a tad. Something I'm trying to learn, with lots of help from N, is that sometimes you just need some time off, and I shouldn't get too het up about time that isn't "productive" as rest is productive too.
And indulgence is definitely something that aids rest, and sometimes you need the simplest dessert to curl up with on the sofa on a Sunday evening, in your dressing gown, whilst watching recorded cookery shows.

The trick with this is to use the best cream you can, and the ripest berries. I add a sprinkling of granola to add a more autumnal feel.

Raspberry "fool" - Serves four (or two,
really generously!)

200ml double cream
200g raspberries, so ripe they're almost dripping (I just used two small punnets)


cinnamon/spice of your choice
Toasted oats/granola

In a medium bowl place a large pinch of caster sugar and one of whatever spice you prefer, I'm a cinnamon lover myself, but I think star anise would go well, or ginger for a hint of warmth. Add the cream and whip lightly. When it just starts holding it's shape stop whipping and add the raspberries, and smush them into the mix. Serve topped with a few berries and toasted oats/granola.

Eat immediately...
and relax...


little pink room said...

I sometimes lose sight of the fact that hobbies are supposed to be fun and there's no fun in forcing myself to be productive. Dessert looks yummy! A x

rockinloubylou said...

I love your blog! I so sympathise with that longing for home while at work but loving work all the same. Loved your photography and the raspberry dessert looks absolutely delicious. Great to find another storer-up of cookery programmes for Saturday nights too! Have signed up to follow you with Google Reader and look forward to hearing more about balancing work and home. if only there was an online tutorial for that...
Country Mouse