Monday, 30 March 2009

un peu de la vie française

I found myself walking back from the local knitting shop not only empty handed, but also empty stomached. Not a good sign. When you take grumpy from lack of sleep, and add grumpy from lack of food. Well, that's a whole host of grump I can tell you.

I was envisaging returning home and indulging in a healthy morning snack, like a piece of grapefruit, or a glass of orange juice, when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a pile of sour
dough baguettes in the organic cafe. Before I could stop myself I was through the door and buying not only bread, but cheese and tomatoes too!

With the sun shining, and the pleasant realis
ation that I didn't have to frantically cobble some bread together when I got home (having failed to bake all weekend due to other responsibilites...such as knitting and to cooking a roast for six people!), I suddenly felt light and carefree. I tore off the crunchy end of the baguette and smugly chomped on it all the way home.

Ah, my subconscious wanting to go to Paris manifests itself so subtly doesn't it?!

Needless to say the grapefruit and orange juice is waiting for tomorrow. Honest.


The domestic novice said...

Sounds like bliss. x

Holler said...

Sounds like a good moment! And, hey,you have it all there! Bread, cheese, tomaotes. What more could anybody ask for ?

Just Cook It said...

Those 'accidental' indulgences are amongst the best

Sarah, The New Girl said...

we won't tell the orange juice :)

I really need to learn how to make more bread. I just did a simple bread recipe that replaces the yeast-crazyness with a bottle of beer! fun! but I know I'll have to learn more in order to make more kinds of bread.

Bread looks fantastic! So glad for your happy moment!

and yes, give us a knitting update soon! :)

Recipe man said...

grea post. the bread looks great!