Thursday, 15 January 2009

Finished, finally.

Ta da!

I've finally finished my leg-warmers. I started these the week before Christmas and finished them last night. Rather longer than I had anticipated, but I think part of that is because I kept getting distracted by things like KitchenAid mixers and sewing machines! (and I haven't used the latter nearly as much as I would like because of having to get back to work. Boo.)

I have to say I am rather pleased with them. They were done partly to practice changing colours (I only got it wrong once, where I changed before a purl row so it showed the other colour) and to get the ribbing right, which I did. They are almost perfect. Very annoyingly I ran out of the green six rows early and so just resorted to using grey for a few extra rows. Oh well, it won't be too noticable.

They were also made because my trusty pink and black leg-warmers are finally wearing out, and are more holes than not! They are also rather thin and so more leg-accessories than actual warmers. These new ones are not only homemade, but are part merino wool so should be toasty warm. Mmmm, warm ankles again, hurrah!

Next? A red and white striped Arsenal scarf for N and some black and white leg-warmers for K. I am also hoping to tackle a hat pattern soon. Nothing too difficult, just some decreasing, but it's not something I've tried before and I am desperate to move on to something a bit more difficult than tubes to see if I can actually manage it!

p.s. More baking coming soon, and some changes and news too. Watch this space...

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Lynne said...

They look really good, I'm impressed and proud of you ! Well done. I look forward to seeing something with decreasing - and the complicated phone calls that will no doubt go with that !!