Wednesday, 29 October 2008

When the snowman brings the snow...

Nope, it's not Christmas yet, but if you lived here you'd think otherwise. There's been all sorts of weird and wonderful things going on, from Christmas chutney making, new Christmas cookbooks arriving, and some very festive muffins indeed. None of this was entirely intentional to be honest. Chutney has to have at least two months to mature, hence it being now. The cookbook was on offer and I couldn't wait and I thought it would take longer to arrive, but apparently not. The festive muffins were just a by-product of the chutneys really.

The snow however...the snow is nothing to do with me at all. Snow, in October?! I was only just gearing up to Autumn and the meteorological gods throw snow at me?

There's a huge backlog of post that should be making their way up over the next few days. I am hoping they will have a more autumnal than festive theme. I may be prepared, but I'm not going to get Christmasy in October. It's just wrong.

So yes, over the next week or so you should expect; more jam, galette, dinosaurs, muffins, and of course some Halloween related action. As for now? I'm off to stir my soup and pray that Harry Redknapp hasn't turned Spurs round fast enough for them to wreak havoc this evening. Come on Arsenal!

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