Saturday, 10 May 2008

It's competition time! Name that plant...

Before we went away N and I eagerly started the planting for our modest North London Kitchen Garden. The plan being to try growing some of our own veg, fruit and herbs. We dutifully sowed, propagated and labeled a whole series of plants in the hopes that despite neglecting them in one of the key months we might return from our trip and still have some potential successes. During this potting up phase we clearly got a bit blaze, planting a few things and saying to ourselves "yeah, of course we'll remember what they are, we don't need labels."

Yesterday whilst enjoying the gorgeous weather and sorting out all the plants that have made it (a remarkable amount considering) N pulls two huge plants from the depths of the greenhouse and holds them up looking perplexed. "Which ones were these again" he remarked. I, of course, had no idea. They were both in big pots, which means we had planned for them being large plants/vegetables, and clearly expected them to be recognisable. Oops!

So here's you're chance to win a prize! I am going to post pictures of the two plants below (neither of which are the same, or at least we don't think they are...bear with us please, we're very new to all this!) and if you can successfully identify them you will win a prize. I haven't decided what it'll be yet, but it will be somehow veg/garden related, easily post-able, and no doubt hilariously witty and apt (yeah, right!). Bonus points will also be awarded to entries that tell us how best to continue dealing with these pesky prolific plants. And what do points mean?!...Prizes!

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring to you my first blog competition "Name That Plant!"

Plant A:

Plant B:


Lynne said...

Did you plant potatoes? That's what the second one looks like. Plant A could be another potato - or could be a pepper.....not sure from the photo. Does either of those suggestions seem possible?

David said...

I think they may both be potatoes. If they are, and can be successfully moved to larger pots they will need to be "earthed up" - increase the depth of the compost up the stem to encourage the tubers to develop. If I win a prize I will donate it to the Moray Road veg patch